Thursday, October 25, 2012

Eat This, Not That

I rarely have a day pass that I don't have at least one questions about what I eat or what my clients should eat. Food is a topic of discussion in every state, country and continent. So what constitutes a "healthy meal." There are several opinions and phylosophies out that say different things. Conflicting information creates confusion and distrust.
I follow one simple phylosophy and it applies to almost every aspect of my life. It's an acronym called KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. If it sounds to good to be true, goes against what's scientfically proven to man, or has a product behind it; the answer is, "yes, it's too good to be true." However, simplicity is bliss in terms of food. Let's think back to the foods our ancestors ate, whole beans, grains, fresh veggies right out of the garden, and dairy straight from the cow. Now I realize eating in such a way may not be realistic for every budget or lifestyle, but how can we create similiar values in today's culture and economy. Here are a few simple tips I recommend to clean up your cubbard and reduce your consumption.

1. Read Food Labels
Look for products that were made with as little additives as possible. Ingredients as innocent as food coloring are know to create adverse effects in the way our bodies react to them.
Observe the serving size in each bag and in one serving. If there are 10 servings in a bag and you are eating half the bag, chances are you are consuming more calories in one sitting than necessary.
2. Decrease Unnecesary Carbohydrates and Fillers
We've been told our whole lives that 60% of energy needs are carbohydrates. This is true however, most American don't consider the amount of carbohydrates consumed in fruits and vegggies. Many veggies are an excellent source of carbohydrate and have fewer calories.
Log your calories for three days. Determine where the majority of your calories are coming from. Are there any extra's in your diet that could be serving more as a filler and less as fuel. Remember a calorie is a calorie, once the body get it's daily recommended dose of each nutrient extras are just stored as fat. Even extra servings of granola can put you over the top on energy requirements.
3. Cut Out Preservative & Processed Food
Technology has gotten so advanced we can do amazing things with food. We can create enough food to feed starving countries, increase the shelf life of a food item up to 10 years, and send food to the moon with out it spoiling. Amazing!! However the food industry has been using this great technology in the food we buy on the shelves at grocery stores. A Little Debby snack cake has a shelf life of over 10 years! Can this really be good for our bodies? Many of the perservatives put in our foods lead to swelling, gastrointestinal problems, and constipation to name a few.
4. Limit Your Dining Out to Two or Fewer Times a Week.
In our fast pace culture it's easy to choose a meal out than spending time at home preparing meals. However, eating out at restaurants can lead to consuming more calories. Restaurant food is typically prepared with excess amounts of butter, hydrogenated oils, and salt. Tastes great but will cause you to gain weight! In addition, the meals we order at a typical restaurant are usually way more than the actual serving size we need. So not only are we consuming more calories in the content of our food, we usually consume a minimum of two times the actual serving size we need. So when making the decision to eat out or in, stay in! You'll consume fewer calories, save money, and feel a whole lot healthier!

Cleaning up your diet is not alway easy but is definitely worth it. Try implementing a few of these tips in your daily diet routine. A small change every day can make a big difference over time. Good luck & Rock Your Jeans!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Fashion Trends

A few new trends to consider when shopping for this year's fall wardrobe;

1. Bright Colors Can Be Enjoyed Year Round.
This season bright colors are all the rave! From brightly colored tops and pullovers to your favorite pair of skinny jeans! Pick a color that's most flattering for you and can be worn with as many of your favorite tops and layers.

2. Conisder A Timeless Peacoat.
This favorite never goes out of style or overlooked. A Peacoat is very hip this season and has a timeless appeal that will never look out of style or dated.

3. The Ankle Boot.
Yes, ankle boots are a hot item this season and can be worn with just about anything. Try them with a pair of skinny jeans or a fall mini.

4. The Leather Skirt.
A leather skirt reveals the femine shape and can be dress down for a night out on the town or dressed up with a button down blouse or blazer. A definite must have for every woman's closet.

5. The Color Jade.
As seen in this year's Emmy Awards, all shades of the color Jade are this years trend. This color looks great with deep reds, coral, and many shades of blue.

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