Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tips for Managing Your Diet Around the Holidays

The holiday time is here and everyone is preparing for time with family and friends; as well as making plans for what to prepare for this years Thanksgiving Dinner. This time of year can bring anxiety to those of us that are watching our weight. This weeks blog is dedicated to helping you find successful ways to manage your diet given that this holiday is centered around eating.
Here are a few things to consider while making your Thanksgiving plans;
1. Don't go into Thanksgiving Dinner Hungry.
Stay ahead of your hunger. Make sure to have a healthy breakfast and a high energy protein snack prior to the meal. This will keep you from being ravenous at meal time and help you make healthy food choices during the meal.
2. Practice Portion Control.
Everyone is allowed a cheat meal once a week, allow this one to be yours, just don't over do it. Practice portion control by eating on a smaller plate or intentionally leaving space on your plate.
3. Don't Over Do Desserts.
I reccommend bringing a healthy dessert option that will allow you to enjoy this time without feeling guilty. If this isn't an option, make a dessert selection that has some nutritional value and fewer calories. Sweet potatoe pie can be made lower calorie without heavy cream and can still provide that sweet, seasonal flavor we all love to enjoy.
4. Start the Day After Thanksgiving (Black Friday) Healthy.
The faster you get back on track the better you feel about your ability to manage your diet and the less guilt you feel about your "cheat" meal on Thanksgiving. Begin the day with a healthly breakfast and exercise. It's true you can't out exercise a bad diet; however, research indicates exercise is a catalyst for adopting health behaviors. So start the day off on the right foot and get up moving!

Hope this helps you manage your meal time and enjoy your holidays this seasons! Happy Thanksgiving and as always Rock Your Jeans!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

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