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Turkey Day Tabata

Turkey Day Tabata Video

4 Moves
40:20 second work to rest ratio
1 minute of rest between a full round of each exercise
Repeat 4X

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Beautiful Mess, My Thoughts on Why Mommies Should Take Care of Themselves.

She was beautiful, but not like those girls in the magazines. She was beautiful, for the way she thought. She was beautiful, for that sparkle in her eyes when she talked about something she loved. She was beautiful, for her ability to make other people smile even if she was sad. No, she wasn’t beautiful for something as temporary as her looks. She was beautiful, deep down to her soul.

Being in the fitness industry my work could easily be assumed to be superficial or even vain. But I have reason to believe my work really relates deep down to the core of every women’s heart & soul. It’s who we are, who we aspire to be and often the person we encourage others to be become. You see fitness is so much more than just the way we appear on the outside, it’s the way we feel about ourselves on the inside. It can provide us with the confidence to hold our head high in a crowd or hide under the covers in the privacy of our bedroom. It’s important not just because we want to look good but because we want to feel good.

The first time I read the above passage I had to slow down and take it all in. It spoke to a part of my soul that was so much deeper than the superficial/temporary depiction of what our cultures expectation of women is thought to be. After reading I couldn’t help but feel this women was not just a women well-liked by others but also adored by her family. She was a woman that carried herself with a since of dignity knowing she loved and was loved. Have you ever dreamed of being this women? Think about it, what would that look like?

I imagine this woman to be a woman that gets it. She gets that her days on this earth are numbered and the time she spends with her loved ones must be spent well. I imagine that she understands the difference between quality and quantity; and desires to make the most out of every opportunity. Finally, I imagine her to be a woman that desires to leave her family with much more than the temporary things the world has to offer but a legacy that they themselves can take hold of and adopt as their own.  Have you given that much thought? What kind of legacy would you like to leave your family? If you were to leave this world today, what would your legacy be? That’s a big responsibility and can definitely feel heavy at times.
Let's consider the alternative. Imagine what would happen if you didn’t take care of your health. Imagine your health declining, high blood pressure and cholesterol, two things that take a toll on your energy and your ability to enjoy your family. Weight gain, maybe only a few pounds a year but after several years your body’s ability to recover from sickness or regular activity becomes more difficult. Doctor’s visits for an unhealthy lifestyle or uncontrolled health issues create unplanned health expense. With added expenses, increased stress and our list can go on, on, on. Your health is much too important to ignore. Mommies must take care of themselves. If we don’t take care of ourselves, no else can. It’s much too important not make a healthy lifestyle a priority.

Next, let’s consider the possibilities of making a healthy lifestyle an important part of your regular routine. Exercise alone releases endorphins into your blood stream that make you feel better. As you continue your exercise, your new active lifestyle encourages other healthy behaviors such as improved diet, regular sleeping habits, and weight loss. As you experience these positive effects you begin to feel good about yourself. Your confidence improves and you begin to like the women you are and see in the mirror. Finally, when you begin to feel the positive effects of taking care of yourself, you naturally respond to the hearts desire to take better care of others. When your “love cup” is full, it spills over on to those that surround you.
Confidence, character and our families’ future build a strong case for why it's so important to take a proactive approach to our health and start making changes now. Each positive healthy behavior you adopt improves your quality of life now and adds years to your life down the road. In addition, it improves your energy, improves your outlook on life, and helps you gain confidence in areas you may not have thought possible.

So let’s talk about a few easy way you can incorporate health into your current lifestyle.
1. Strive to drink 64 fluid ounces of water a day.
2. Plan for 30 minutes of physical activity a day.
3. Make family activities recreation center instead of centered around food.
4. Learn to read food labels.
5. Increase protein consumption to 1g of protein per a pound of body weight.
6. Recruit the help of family, a friend or a fitness professional to hold you accountable.
7. Make your new way of life an opportunity to teach your kids about how to take care of their health.
8. Focus on fruits and vegetables for snacks and fillers.
9. Limit the number of days you eat out at restaurants.
10. Stay away from processed foods, preservatives and fillers.
11. Make Time to Take Care of MOMMY!!!

I can’t express with more urgency how important it is for Moms to take care of themselves. This time is so important for you and even important for your children. Kids gain powerful insights into adulthood just by witnessing the things mom and dad make a priority.
Moms that take time out for themselves teach their kids three vital lessons that will influence their perspective;
1. Role modeling a healthy lifestyle gives your children a practical application of what a healthy lifestyle should look like.
2. Taking time out for yourself teaches your kids that life does not revolve around them. An important life lesson about the way the world works.
3. Mommies (and Daddies) are better mommies when we take care of ourselves. Once you've taken a little time out for yourself, your heart is full and more incline to be open to others.

So take some time out for yourself. Do a careful self-evaluation and keep changes simple. Improving your health is a process. It won’t happen overnight but in time the reward is well worth the wait.

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Shop Your Shape: Find a Suit to Flatter Your Figure.

Swimsuit season can be a stressful time for many women. The thought of trying swimsuits on may leave you feeling insecure and uncomfortable. Purchasing a swimsuit that doesn't flatter your shape may leave you feeling even worse about yourself. With that in mind, I thought a blog to help women find the perfect swimsuit for your shape would be appropriate. I did a little research on the topic and found some great tips on the subject.
In general, look to maintain a balance between your upper and lower body. Give larger areas plenty of support while drawing the eye to your better features. When in doubt use the tips listed below for more specific examples of what to look for.

The Athletic Shape ( Broad Shoulder, Narrow Hips, Muscular Legs)
Women with an athletic body type should focus on feminine cuts and details.
1 / Show off your toned lower half with embellishments at the hip and a tapered-back bottom.
2 / Soften your chest area with cups, padding, gathering, or a girlie print.
3 / Pass on bandeaus, boy-cut briefs, and shapeless tanks.

Curvy (Hour Glass Figure)
An hourglass figure calls for a suit that complements curves while keeping assets firmly in place.
1 / Opt for a solid or a small print that won't distort your proportions.
2 / Look for an underwire, balconette, or halter style to support your chest.
3 / Unless you have exhibitionist tendencies, stay away from anything with a shifty string top.

4 / Avoid swimsuits with boy shorts. These downplay your curves and may make you look boxy or unbalanced on the bottom.
5 / Tone things down with a small print. If you would rather mask your curviness than flaunt it, look for small polka dots or other tiny prints. These pieces have a concealing effect that may reduce volume all over.

Straight (Very Little Curves, Waist and Hips Measurements are Very Similar)
You have two options: Fake some curves or take advantage of the fact you have nothing to hide and wear a skimpy style.
1 / Enhance your boobs and butt with ruffles, gathering, or padding.
2 / Flaunt your straight silhouette in an itty-bitty string bikini.
3 / Avoid sex-appeal quashing bandeau tops and sporty bottoms.

Pear (Your Hips are Wider than Your Shoulders)
If your lower half is a little larger, camouflage your trouble spots with a strategically cut bottom.
1 / Conceal hips and thighs in full-coverage briefs, hipsters, or boy shorts.
2 / Draw the eye up with molded cups, halter straps, or cleavage detailing.
3 / Stay away from loud "look at me!" prints on your lower half.

4 / Look for tops with extra design elements above the waist. This detailing draws the eyes upward, making your bust look bigger and downplaying the weight of your bottom half.
5Avoid skimpy tops. While you may not have to worry about the lack of support, these tops only end up emphasizing your bottom half, making it look even fuller than it actually is.


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    Portion Distortion

    Here are a few simple examples to help you navigate through cultural portion distortion (oversized portion sizes).

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    Sunday, March 24, 2013

    From Hard Core to a Hard Core

    Summer is right around the corner and most people are beginning to think about getting into there best shape possible for swim suit season. With that in mind, I get various question about how to tighten the hips, butt, or thighs. The most commonly asked question is how to flatten and tone the tummy. So let's talk about the abdominal muscles and how to get the most out of training them.

    There Purpose
    Abs are high endurance muscles that are designed to provide support to the spine and rotate the hips in forward motion. Abs provide explosive power in athletic movement and are the center of most every day movements. So are they important? ABSolutely!

    Because these muscles are designed to work all day, your abs require lots of repetition or high endurance exercises to experience results. For example, three or four sets of 25 crunches or a plank for 30-60 seconds, two to three times.

    Is there much function to the appearance of a six pack? Unfortunately not. Outside the aesthetic appeal, a six pack has little to do with function and a lot to do with a relatively low percentage of body fat.

    There Makeup
    Our abdominal muscles are made up of three different layers. The top layer, most often referred to as the six pack, is the rectus abdominus. This muscle's main purpose is forward flexion of the spine. In other words, bending the body forward as in a crunch, a sit up, or bending over. The side muscle, known as transverse abdominals are rotational muscles that help rotate the spine during twisting or turning movements. The last layer are internal & external obliques often referred to as "love handles." These muscle work to bend the torso from right to left.

    Why is this important? To properly recruit the abdominal muscle you must know how they work and what their purpose is. In addition, it's important to note Ab exercises will not necessarily help you lose belly fat, but will help you tone and tighten the muscles underneath.

    Top 5 Most Effective Ab Exercises 
    In a study conducted by American Council on Exercise (ACE), they determine which Ab exercises recruit the abs most effectively. Below are the top five exercises listed from most to least effective.
    1. Bicycle Crunches
    2. Captain's Chair
    3. Stability Ball Crunch
    4. Vertical Leg Crunch
    5. Torso Track

    For an accurate description and pictures of each exercise click on the link above. Happy Exercising, and as usual Rock Your Jeans!

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    March 18, 2013 Fitness Segment

    Exercises for the waist, hips, and thighs.

    Tuesday, March 5, 2013

    Fox 51 News Segment 3/4/13

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    Gearing Up For the Next Challenge!

    Rock Your Jeans is gearing up for the next challenge. If you or your business is interested in helping us MAKEOVER TEXAS, let us know how you'd like to contribute. Please email information to

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    Overcoming the Dreaded Fitness Plateau

    The New Year has begun and you've been working steadily on the new you. Progress is slow but your still improving until you hit the emphasis fitness plateau. All progress comes to screeching hault and you feel frustrated. So how do you over come the self defeating hold on your progress? In the fitness business there is simple acronym we use to help us determine what method in your workout program we need to change to help you move past this plateau. This simple acronym is FIT, frequency, intensity, & time. Isn't it interesting the one thing we are striving for is exactly what we need to overcome our plateau? So let's look more closely at these three principles.
    First let's begin with frequency. Frequency refers to the number of times in a given week you are exercising. For example, you began your new program January 1st, you've started lifting two to three times per a week, as your fitness level improves you continued with three workouts a week. Now four weeks in and you can tell your body's ready for a change and could stand something new or different. Frequency in this example is as simple as adding an extra day or two of walking in your workout week. The surgeon general recommends that exercise should be done most days of the week, that's four or five days a week. Add an extra day or two to your workout regime and notice how much better you feel and quickly your weigh loss improves.
    The I, intensity. Intensity can be a number of things; it can be lifting heavier, cycling faster, adding intervals to push your heart rate. The purpose of intensity is to challenge the body in a way that it hasn't previously been challenged. Another words, if you've been lifting it mean lifting heavier, resting less between sets, or doing higher repetition. It could also be adding an interval between each  set of reps. The object is to present a challenge to the body that will force it to change and need more energy to perform the task at hand.
    Finally, time. Time refers to the duration spent doing the exercise. For example, you've been riding the stationary bike three days a week for thirty minutes, you've noticed improvement in the way your body feels after you finish and would even say it's becoming easy. In this example, the simple challenge I would introduce to the body is to lengthen the amount of time spent completeling the exercise. If thirty minutes is what you've been doing it's "time" to strive for 40-45 minutes. This small incremental difference in your workout places additional demands on the body and requires it to respond by providing more energy to your body and burn more calories.
    Over coming plateaus can be very simple if you follow these simple steps. So next time your at the gym and feeling frustrated by the dreaded fitness "plateau," remember in order to be FIT you have to think FIT. Good luck!

    Sunday, February 3, 2013

    A Great Way to Get in Shape this Spring & Summer!

    One of my favorite ways to get in shape for the spring and over the summer is to participate in local area races. This is one of the best way to set a tangible goal to work towards, participate in a community of health consciencoius people, and support a cause that's bigger than myself. Those three things in combination keep me motivated and striving for the next race. In addition, it's always rewarding to cross the finish line and experience the sensation of accomplishing my goals. It's well worth the time and effort spent leading up to it.
    In order to be prepared for each event my training starts early. This winter will conclude the strength phase of  my training. This is where my workouts slow down and I focus on gaining lean mass that will help to propel me to the finish line. Over the next few months, my training picks up by adding explosive power moves, speed work, and agility. Once race season begins, I focus on long duration runs to improve my endurance and stamina. Each phase of my workout is design to challenge my body and force it to repond by making gains in speed, power, & endurance. It's a great way to liven up a fitness program and stay motivated all season long.
    Beginning a training program for each of these events can be confusing & overwhelming. Please feel free to contact me at to discuss detailed training programs that can help you cross the finish line feeling and looking your best!

    Me,  My Hubby,& Micah Man
    Rose City Tri 2009
    Listed below are a few of the local races that you can participate in. I have also include a link to their registration so you can join me as I strive for excellence in health.

    1. Athens Triathlon (Sprint Distance)- March 16, 2013
    2. Azalea 10K (6.1 miles)- March 23, 2013
    3. Beauty & the Beast Ride- March 23, 2013
    4. Susan G. Komen (5K)- May 11, 2013
    5. Tyler Rose City 1/2 Iron Man & Olympic Distance Triathlon- May 26, 2013
    6. Tri Waco (Sprint & Olympric Distance)- July 17, 2013
    7. Jefferson Heritage Tri (Sprint Distance)- July 21, 2013
    8. Rose City Traithlon (Sprint Distance)- September 14, 2013

    A few resources for finding other races: or

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    Ask the Trainer & Exercise Segment

    Join me for my new workout segment with Ben Hill on Fox51. Like to ask me questions that I can answer live on the show or to follow the segment. I'm looking forward to seeing you each Monday at 8:30!

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    Why You're Not Losing Weight

    The New Year has begun, you've made a commitment to a new fitness program and you've been watching what you eat. You feel like you're doing all the right things but still not experiencing a change on the scale. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever wondered why you're not losing weight?
    As a trainer, for 12 years, you can imagine how often I get asked this question. With New Year's resolutions in mind, I thought it might be appropriate to talk about the reason's why you might not be losing weight. Listed below are seven reason's you should consider when wondering why you're not losing weight.
    1.You're eating back the calories you burn.
    It's Friday night, you've hit the gym early and burned about 300-500 calories doing moderate cardio and lifting weights. Now it time to head out on the town. The first stop...your favorite mexican restaurant. A common way to celebrate the weekend in our culture. It's Friday night and time to celebrate but let's think this through. You've burned 300-500 calories and the average meal at a mexican restaurant is about 1,000 calories. In this example, the amount of calories in one meal is more than the amount of calories burned. A few too many meals like this and it can be very easy to gain weight even when you're trying to lose.
    2. You rely on exercise alone to do the trick.
    Its true exercise is a great way to burn calories, build lean muscle mass, and improve your health. However, weightloss cannot be accomplished by exercise alone. The most realistic way to lose weight is actually very simple and can be understood by this simple equation.
    1lb of fat = 3500 calories
    250 calorie deficit in your diet  + a 250 calorie deficit with exercise = 500 calorie deficit per a day.
    500 calorie deficit x 7 days=3500 caloires or 1lb a week.
    This can be easily accomplished by limiting the number of soft drink you drink in a day and replacing snack food with fruits and veggies or a simple protein shake.
    3. You're not eating as healthfully as you think.
    The average american believes they eat a healthy diet although the incidences of  heart disease,stroke, and diabetes continue to rise. So where is the disconnect? In a survey conducted by a Consumer Reports study, 90% of American consider their diet to be "somewhat" healthy.  In reality 43% owned up to drinking at least one full calorie soft drink a day.
    When asked about fruits and vegetables, 58% claimed they ate the recommend 5 servings day however, when presented with a list of vegetables, 15 of them were consistently described as "rarely," or "never" eaten. So what does this tell us? Most people think they're eating pretty healthy even when they are not.
    4. You're not being consistent enough.
    The average American eats more calories on the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) than they do Monday through Thursday. Given that, it's easy to overeat on the weekend. The American diet is over portioned, calorie dense and predominantly carbohydrates. So let's think this through, consistency is key. Making healthy eating your diet not just a diet. Choose lean cuts of meat, monitor your portions, limit the number of baked goods, and increase your fruits and veggies.
    5. You're not measuring the right things.
    Weightloss can be determine in more ways than just one. Never rely on the number on the scale alone. It is a great way to determine your progress but taking weekly measurements can also reveal the changes in your shape. Are your close fitting different? Have friends and family noticed a difference?
    The scale is a great way to recognize progress but not the only way. Last year I shed an extra 10lbs I had gained from the corporate world I recently left. It took eight weeks before the number on the scale changed but I continued to feel my clothes feel and fit more comfortably.
    6. You don't need to lose weight.
    You're body is in a constant state of maintaining homeostasis or balance. If you're at a healthy BMI or Body Fat % it can be extremely difficult to shed a few unwanted pounds. Although it can be challenging it's not impossible. Shedding a few pounds will require extra dedication, focus, and time.
    7. You have an underlying issue.
    If you have evaluated all the above possibilities and you're still not losing weight, it could be a health related issue. Maybe your thyroid's not functioning well or you have a hormonal disorder. Check with your doctor and the answer might result in a simple solution.