Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why You're Not Losing Weight

The New Year has begun, you've made a commitment to a new fitness program and you've been watching what you eat. You feel like you're doing all the right things but still not experiencing a change on the scale. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever wondered why you're not losing weight?
As a trainer, for 12 years, you can imagine how often I get asked this question. With New Year's resolutions in mind, I thought it might be appropriate to talk about the reason's why you might not be losing weight. Listed below are seven reason's you should consider when wondering why you're not losing weight.
1.You're eating back the calories you burn.
It's Friday night, you've hit the gym early and burned about 300-500 calories doing moderate cardio and lifting weights. Now it time to head out on the town. The first stop...your favorite mexican restaurant. A common way to celebrate the weekend in our culture. It's Friday night and time to celebrate but let's think this through. You've burned 300-500 calories and the average meal at a mexican restaurant is about 1,000 calories. In this example, the amount of calories in one meal is more than the amount of calories burned. A few too many meals like this and it can be very easy to gain weight even when you're trying to lose.
2. You rely on exercise alone to do the trick.
Its true exercise is a great way to burn calories, build lean muscle mass, and improve your health. However, weightloss cannot be accomplished by exercise alone. The most realistic way to lose weight is actually very simple and can be understood by this simple equation.
1lb of fat = 3500 calories
250 calorie deficit in your diet  + a 250 calorie deficit with exercise = 500 calorie deficit per a day.
500 calorie deficit x 7 days=3500 caloires or 1lb a week.
This can be easily accomplished by limiting the number of soft drink you drink in a day and replacing snack food with fruits and veggies or a simple protein shake.
3. You're not eating as healthfully as you think.
The average american believes they eat a healthy diet although the incidences of  heart disease,stroke, and diabetes continue to rise. So where is the disconnect? In a survey conducted by a Consumer Reports study, 90% of American consider their diet to be "somewhat" healthy.  In reality 43% owned up to drinking at least one full calorie soft drink a day.
When asked about fruits and vegetables, 58% claimed they ate the recommend 5 servings day however, when presented with a list of vegetables, 15 of them were consistently described as "rarely," or "never" eaten. So what does this tell us? Most people think they're eating pretty healthy even when they are not.
4. You're not being consistent enough.
The average American eats more calories on the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) than they do Monday through Thursday. Given that, it's easy to overeat on the weekend. The American diet is over portioned, calorie dense and predominantly carbohydrates. So let's think this through, consistency is key. Making healthy eating your diet not just a diet. Choose lean cuts of meat, monitor your portions, limit the number of baked goods, and increase your fruits and veggies.
5. You're not measuring the right things.
Weightloss can be determine in more ways than just one. Never rely on the number on the scale alone. It is a great way to determine your progress but taking weekly measurements can also reveal the changes in your shape. Are your close fitting different? Have friends and family noticed a difference?
The scale is a great way to recognize progress but not the only way. Last year I shed an extra 10lbs I had gained from the corporate world I recently left. It took eight weeks before the number on the scale changed but I continued to feel my clothes feel and fit more comfortably.
6. You don't need to lose weight.
You're body is in a constant state of maintaining homeostasis or balance. If you're at a healthy BMI or Body Fat % it can be extremely difficult to shed a few unwanted pounds. Although it can be challenging it's not impossible. Shedding a few pounds will require extra dedication, focus, and time.
7. You have an underlying issue.
If you have evaluated all the above possibilities and you're still not losing weight, it could be a health related issue. Maybe your thyroid's not functioning well or you have a hormonal disorder. Check with your doctor and the answer might result in a simple solution.