Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Great Way to Get in Shape this Spring & Summer!

One of my favorite ways to get in shape for the spring and over the summer is to participate in local area races. This is one of the best way to set a tangible goal to work towards, participate in a community of health consciencoius people, and support a cause that's bigger than myself. Those three things in combination keep me motivated and striving for the next race. In addition, it's always rewarding to cross the finish line and experience the sensation of accomplishing my goals. It's well worth the time and effort spent leading up to it.
In order to be prepared for each event my training starts early. This winter will conclude the strength phase of  my training. This is where my workouts slow down and I focus on gaining lean mass that will help to propel me to the finish line. Over the next few months, my training picks up by adding explosive power moves, speed work, and agility. Once race season begins, I focus on long duration runs to improve my endurance and stamina. Each phase of my workout is design to challenge my body and force it to repond by making gains in speed, power, & endurance. It's a great way to liven up a fitness program and stay motivated all season long.
Beginning a training program for each of these events can be confusing & overwhelming. Please feel free to contact me at to discuss detailed training programs that can help you cross the finish line feeling and looking your best!

Me,  My Hubby,& Micah Man
Rose City Tri 2009
Listed below are a few of the local races that you can participate in. I have also include a link to their registration so you can join me as I strive for excellence in health.

1. Athens Triathlon (Sprint Distance)- March 16, 2013
2. Azalea 10K (6.1 miles)- March 23, 2013
3. Beauty & the Beast Ride- March 23, 2013
4. Susan G. Komen (5K)- May 11, 2013
5. Tyler Rose City 1/2 Iron Man & Olympic Distance Triathlon- May 26, 2013
6. Tri Waco (Sprint & Olympric Distance)- July 17, 2013
7. Jefferson Heritage Tri (Sprint Distance)- July 21, 2013
8. Rose City Traithlon (Sprint Distance)- September 14, 2013

A few resources for finding other races: or

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