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Shop Your Shape: Find a Suit to Flatter Your Figure.

Swimsuit season can be a stressful time for many women. The thought of trying swimsuits on may leave you feeling insecure and uncomfortable. Purchasing a swimsuit that doesn't flatter your shape may leave you feeling even worse about yourself. With that in mind, I thought a blog to help women find the perfect swimsuit for your shape would be appropriate. I did a little research on the topic and found some great tips on the subject.
In general, look to maintain a balance between your upper and lower body. Give larger areas plenty of support while drawing the eye to your better features. When in doubt use the tips listed below for more specific examples of what to look for.

The Athletic Shape ( Broad Shoulder, Narrow Hips, Muscular Legs)
Women with an athletic body type should focus on feminine cuts and details.
1 / Show off your toned lower half with embellishments at the hip and a tapered-back bottom.
2 / Soften your chest area with cups, padding, gathering, or a girlie print.
3 / Pass on bandeaus, boy-cut briefs, and shapeless tanks.

Curvy (Hour Glass Figure)
An hourglass figure calls for a suit that complements curves while keeping assets firmly in place.
1 / Opt for a solid or a small print that won't distort your proportions.
2 / Look for an underwire, balconette, or halter style to support your chest.
3 / Unless you have exhibitionist tendencies, stay away from anything with a shifty string top.

4 / Avoid swimsuits with boy shorts. These downplay your curves and may make you look boxy or unbalanced on the bottom.
5 / Tone things down with a small print. If you would rather mask your curviness than flaunt it, look for small polka dots or other tiny prints. These pieces have a concealing effect that may reduce volume all over.

Straight (Very Little Curves, Waist and Hips Measurements are Very Similar)
You have two options: Fake some curves or take advantage of the fact you have nothing to hide and wear a skimpy style.
1 / Enhance your boobs and butt with ruffles, gathering, or padding.
2 / Flaunt your straight silhouette in an itty-bitty string bikini.
3 / Avoid sex-appeal quashing bandeau tops and sporty bottoms.

Pear (Your Hips are Wider than Your Shoulders)
If your lower half is a little larger, camouflage your trouble spots with a strategically cut bottom.
1 / Conceal hips and thighs in full-coverage briefs, hipsters, or boy shorts.
2 / Draw the eye up with molded cups, halter straps, or cleavage detailing.
3 / Stay away from loud "look at me!" prints on your lower half.

4 / Look for tops with extra design elements above the waist. This detailing draws the eyes upward, making your bust look bigger and downplaying the weight of your bottom half.
5Avoid skimpy tops. While you may not have to worry about the lack of support, these tops only end up emphasizing your bottom half, making it look even fuller than it actually is.